Robert Maul
5870 Manchester St  N
St Petersburg FL 33703-1414





Signed Brokers Disclosure Y 7/2/14 7/2/14
Signed Contract Y 7/2/14 7/2/14
Escrow Deposit to Escrow Holder Y 7/4/14 7/4/14
Escrow Deposit Transfer to Closing Title Co. N/A    
Status Change in MLS N/A    
Signed Contract to Co-Operating Associate. N/A    
Signed Contract to Buyer Y 7/3/14 7/3/14
Signed Contract to Seller Y 7/3/14 7/3/14
Signed Contract to Uploaded to Office Y 7/3/14 7/3/14
Signed Contract to Lender Y 7/3/14 7/3/14
Signed Contract to Closer Y 7/3/14 7/3/14
Buyer's Credit Report Reviewed N/A    
Buyer's Loan Application Submitted Y 7/20/14 7/2014
Buyer's Loan Application Approval N    
Title Insurance Y 7/14/14 7/14/14
WDO Inspection N/A    
Appraisal Y 7/25/14 8/8/14
Loan Approved N    
Repairs Completed N/A    
Contingencies Cleared N    
Order Home Warranty N/A    
Order Survey  Y 7/27/14 8/8/14
Buyer Purchases Liability Insurance Y 8/8/14 8/8/14
Proof of Insurance Policy to Closing Title Company Y 8/11/14 8/11/14
Buyer Contacted w/ Closing Information N    
Seller Contacted w/ Closing Information N    
Pre-Closing Walk-Thru With Buyers N    
Contracted Closing N    
Closing will be held @ Integrity Title & Guaranty LLC 1545 Belcher Rd S, Clearwater FL 33764 @ 10AM N 9/4/2014  






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